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Schools Of Excellence is leader in Abacus training, Vedic Math, Handwriting Improvement Training, DMIT and other brain development program in India.

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Be a part of fastest growing organisation.


Author: Schools Of Excellence

Schools of excellence with the background of 9 years of success in the development of products in Abacus education,DMIT, Vedic Maths, Brain development and unique strategies in marketing, the concept of Abacus based Arithmetic calculations has been able to bring in a revolution in the field by innovating and involving abacus tool. We are not a publisher like other. in fact, we are Trainers with strong foundation of training. Our strength is our Training (Process, Program, and Method). We are expert to provide training to trainers that How to find out learning strategy of your students for easy, effective teaching& better results. Once you know the learning strategy of your students, it is very easy to feed any thought or idea in their mind. We Provide this specialized training with each course to our franchisers at free of cost for their personal excellence. We use NLP techniques to design our curriculum, study material, improve effectiveness of training for our channel partners and students, Brain development techniques, Right brain activation, and improve visualization, Marketing and advertisement techniques. Our NLP based designed module differentiate us than other Abacus companies. Schools of Excellence is a group of trainers. We introduce ourselves as “Educationists” – We have been educating people for about quite many years now. Our strength is our training process through NLP techniques because we are a group of NLP Practitioner.

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